About Aviatize

We are passionate about aviation.

We want to craft delightful software solutions for innovative aviation companies that will enable them to thrive and make them wonder how they did it before.

We do this by obsessing on continuous improvement and by always striving for the best solution. Our users may expect delightful customer support and a magic user experience.

We see Aviatize as a verb, or at the very least, as a moving process we call ‘The AVIATIZE Way’. Basically we want to ‘Aviatize your flying’.

We started Aviatize in 2015 with the goal to make smart and intuitive software solutions for the aviation industry

The ultimate goal was to make life easier for pilots, technicians, dispatchers, owners, managers and so on. We would do that by bringing as much as processes possible together in one easy-to-use application. From maintenance to take-off and everything in between.

As a commercial pilot, engineer and auditor, our founder Tom Verbruggen experienced many times over the need for better and more efficient software systems. Two problems needed solving in digital aviation management: Consolidation of features and Continued Ease-of-use. The tools that are being used in the aviation industry are often still quite basic and sometimes archaic (pen-paper-excel, word, access, …) or expensive (think about custom-made programmes), and there were just too many applications overlapping each other creating confusion and double work. The goal was therefore to bring a maximum of features together in one easy-to-use cloud-based platform where everyone has access, all of the time.

Tom met with Chris De Rouck, a Master in Computer Science and together they started the Aviatize journey. 

As a first product, Aviatize developed a fully integrated Drone Management Application named IDRONECT for professional drone operators and aviation authorities.

in 2020, the company which was bootstrapped until then, expanded its services outside of Belgium with customers in Africa and Asia. In the same year, first external investment allowed the company to broaden its scope and move into traditional aviation with the creation of the Aviatize Platform suite and the acquisition of Skyman.lu. 

Located in Belgium, with multilingual support and a team of aviation, business dev and IT experts, Aviatize will continue to innovate, develop and support the aviation industry and ecosystem, to make it possible to fly more, fly safe and without headaches. 

Tom Verbruggen 
Chris De Rouck
Dave Van Buynder
Lennert Van Kerckhove
Lieven Van Loo
Russell Phillips
Poly Stevens
Hariom Kesharwani