Communication is one of the most important aspects of any business. At Aviatize, there are a number of important ways you can communicate and with whom you can communicate. You communicate with Aviatize when something is wrong, when you have a question, when you want to let someone else in your team know what is going on, and much more.

Bulk email

No need for other email providers, you can use Aviatize to send emails to specific roles in your team, user groups, training classes, or individual users. This allows for very easy and fast email communication based on Aviatize.


You will find comment fields throughout the application. This is a great place to keep other team members up to date on very specific parts of the training process, maintenance, flights, and many other places. In some places the comments will also act as a changelog, whenever someone changes something somewhere it will be recorded in the comments field.

Issues and questions

Issues and Questions is a place where you, as an Aviatize user, can communicate with us, the Aviatize team. You can report a problem if something is not working the way it should or ask questions if something is not clear. You will also see that at the bottom of every page in Aviatize there is a “Report Problem” button, you can also use this button to report anything that is not working.