“Your umbrella, for when the shit hits the fan”

Still, conducting compliance audits with Excel spreadsheets? With Aviatize, keeping your organization compliant is fun again. The Aviatize Compliance module covers you from creating the audit plan to closing all findings.

Audit planning with compliance trails

As a Compliance Monitoring Manager, you need to create your audit plan to be approved by the Accountable Manager and your local authorities. By planning the audits in Aviatize, you can easily monitor the execution of the plans. If things change, you can easily reschedule audits with the required approval of the accountable manager. Aviatize also keeps track of recurring audits by their interval and you can also link the internal and external references on your audit packages. In Aviatize, the process is documented and clean, so there are no surprises in the audit planning itself during the CAA review.

Schedule planned audits, and invite auditors and auditees

Normally, all audits are rudimentarily planned in the audit plan in a month’s time frame. The CMM then needs to set the exact dates of the audit and send out an invitation to the auditors and auditees. Once everyone has been invited, you’re ready for the audit.

Conduct internal audits with Audit Execution

For internal audits, the audit questions can be added directly to the audit packages. Once this is done, it’s possible to run the audit directly in Aviatize. The questions can be answered, perhaps on your iPad, and if they lead to a finding, the finding text can be inserted. Once the audit is complete, Aviatize will generate all the findings and they will be linked to the question in the audit pack where the finding came from. Neat!

Follow-up and resolution of audit findings

For external audits, the findings can be sent from outside Aviatize. The PDF documents can be immediately added to the audit in Aviatize and all findings can be manually added. When the CMM adds the findings, they can be immediately assigned to the right person to deal with them. Now the findings resolution process starts where solutions can be proposed, accepted, rejected… all in Aviatize. All digital. All traceable.