Aviatize helps you be and stay compliant. That is not an easy task, and that is why we came up with the compliance module. Here you can manage all your internal and external audits and keep track of the findings and the follow-up of these findings. The Aviatize compliance feature is perfect to make sure that you are getting the highest level of compliance.

Adding different audit packs

In Aviatize you can add as many audit packs as you want. In the audit pack, we will define all the different steps of the audit that we are adding. These can either be internal or external and are repeated every couple of months.
An audit pack exists out of an array of different audit questions which you can add without any limitations.

Planning and executing an audit

When planning an audit in Aviatize we start by linking some important information like who are the Auditors and Auditiees, where is the audit and when is it. When all the preparation work is done we can go over to the actual audit. This part is very straightforward, Aviatize just asks you a bunch of questions and you can select what the compliance level is, all the way from “compliant” to “non-compliant level 1”.

Audit findings

For each item that does not carry the label “compliant” an audit finding will be created. The person who is responsible for the audit finding will now have the option to propose a solution, indicate which corrective action should be taken, and what the root cause and preventive action proposal are. After this, the responsible person can now accept or reject the proposal and start with the implementation process.