Customer relationship management

The CRM module in Aviatize is a complete module. From online payments to bulk invoicing to balance tracking. Aviatize allows you to keep track of all your administrative work. You no longer have to manually check what everyone did last month and then manually create an invoice for each user. Now you can simply ask Aviatize to generate all invoices for the last month and send them automatically to the right users.


The customer page will give you an overview of all the users that you’ve invoiced or external customers that you have added to Aviatize. You can ask Aviatize to create customers based on the users you have in your team to make everything easier.
On the detail page of each customer, you can see all transactions, invoices, quotes, credit notes, documents, and comments that are linked to them. 


On the balance page you can see the current balance of each customer. When a customer books a flight through Aviatize, Aviatize calculates the cost of the flight and reduces the customer’s balance by that amount. This is convenient in several ways. First of all, for organizations that require prepayment, you can add to a customer’s balance when they prepay and then deduct each flight they take until they reach 0 and have to pay again. Secondly, you can create a batch of invoices for everyone who has a negative balance.
We’ll look at this in more detail in the Invoices section.

We’ll look at this in more detail in the Invoices section.


The Transactions page gives an overview of all payments, debits and credits made through Aviatize. Here you can add single customer transactions or bulk transactions for a group of customers, and see a detailed invoice for each transaction.

Charging flight time

For any resource in our organization, we can set a price per minute when it is booked by a user. There are a number of interesting parameters you can use to set up pricing for the use of an aircraft. If an aircraft is used for rentals and training, these will have different pricing, or let’s say that due to popular demand, renting an aircraft on the weekend is more expensive than renting an aircraft during the week. You get to decide if you want to have special pricing for certain periods of time.

In the products section, you can create special products that can be added to a flight, such as landing fees or passenger taxes.

Combined, this allows Aviatize to calculate exactly how much you will have to pay and it will create an online payment link or invoice.


In the products section you can manage everything you sell within your organization. This could be landing fees, membership fees or even t-shirts from your gift shop. The import functions can be found everywhere in Aviatize, it’s easy to import a large data set of all your products. Keep track of your inventory with Aviatize so that you can order your new products in time.

Invoices and Draft invoices

If you send invoices to your customers every 3 months, requesting them to pay for the flights they’ve taken or the products they’ve used. Going through the books, writing everything down, and all the other stuff will be a thing of the past. You can instruct the Aviatize platform to generate invoices for a certain date range and just watch the magic happen.

Aviatize will create an invoice for each customer that includes all their transactions for that period, debit or credit. Review your invoices simply and send them to all your customers with just a click of a button.

The Invoices section gives you an overview of all your invoices. Here you can easily keep track of the status of your invoices. This way you can keep track of your invoices in Aviatize. You can also export all your invoices as PDF files.

Quotes and credit notes

Aviatize can create custom quotes and invoices from scratch. Add as many lines to the quote or credit note with an additional option to add other information, terms and conditions, VAT or discounts at the bottom. Aviatize sends the quotes or credit notes directly to the customer and keeps track of them.