Whether you manage an entire fleet or just a single aircraft, you want to see how you are doing at a glance. Now you can with the Aviatize Dashboard; you can see all relevant information, your upcoming flights, and the METAR and TAF of your home airport.


Things you can do on the dashboard

Upcoming Flights

All your upcoming flights for the next week will be featured on your dashboard. That way you have immediate access to them. It will also make sure you never forget an appointment as it will be the first thing you see when you open your Aviatize account. From the upcoming flights, you can immediately check-in and check-out. If you’re an instructor you can immediately initiate the grading from the dashboard as well.

Grading Acknowledgment

Upon completion of a training flight, students will receive a notification on their dashboard that a new section has been added to their account. This section, labeled “Grading Review,” allows students to view and review any flight evaluations that are pending acknowledgment. Here, students can review the instructor’s detailed evaluations, including any comments or feedback provided. If the student has reviewed the evaluation, they can acknowledge it. If they have concerns, they can inform the instructor via the dashboard.

Flight approvals

You can set up Aviatize to require approval from a specific person in your organization for certain flights. If you are the designated person who can give those approvals, those flight requests will appear on your dashboard; view details of the flight request and then approve or deny it

Weather information

The actual METAR and TAF for your homebase will always be loaded on your dashboard as well. Handy to squeeze in a spontaneous flight when you have a free spot and the weather looks amazing.