Whether you manage an entire fleet or just a single aircraft. You want to see how you are doing at a glance. Now you can with the Aviatize Dashboard. You can see all relevant information, your upcoming flights, and the METAR and TAF.

Grading approval

Upon completion of a training flight, students receive a notification on their dashboard indicating that a new section has been added to their account. This section, labeled “Grading Review,” allows students to view and review all flight evaluations that are pending approval or rejection. Here, students can examine the instructor’s detailed evaluations, including any comments or feedback provided. If the student is satisfied with the evaluation, they can approve it. If they disagree or have concerns, they can reject it and provide a brief explanation for their decision.

Flight approvals

You can set up Aviatize in a way that for specific flights, you need to get approval from a particular person in the organization. If you are appointed as someone who can give those approvals, those flight requests will appear on your dashboard as well. You can see in detail what the flight request is and then approve or reject it.

Upcoming and completed flights

In the Upcoming Flights section, you can see all the flights you have personally scheduled. For these flights, you can see the details of the scheduled flight and check in or out directly from the dashboard.

For completed flights, you can see the flight details and all relevant information. There is also a shortcut to see how your flight was graded if it was a training flight.


Aviatize gives you access to an easy to read and understand visualization of the weather using METAR and TAF.