Digital Data and Records

The benefit of going from paper to digital is imperative in the 21st century. Aviatize allows you to have all your documents, from manuals to forms, from training qualifications to medical certificates, in one place for every resource and every person in your organization. Every document can be accessed from an iPad, a laptop, or just your cell phone, and it doesn’t stop there. Aviatize keeps track of the validity of your documents and helps you stay compliant. Now you can take off knowing that all your documents are up to date.

Keep track of document validity

When you upload all your documents to Aviatize, you let Aviatize know when the document expires. Aviatize can then send you reminders to take action and renew your document when necessary. You can add multiple versions of your documents. This means that whenever you renew your documents, you don’t have to delete the old document, you can just upload a new version. Of course, you can view any document in Aviatize, so you can access all your documents at any time without having to carry them around.

Mandatory Reading Documents

Occasionally, you may have an important message or document that you need to send to everyone in your organization, and you require that everyone has read them, such as Safety Notices.

By selecting Mandatory Reading on a document you will achieve just that. . The moment you upload it, everyone will receive a prompt asking them to read the mandatory document. Afterwards, the manager will be able to see who has read the document and when.

Access control in the Document Library

Create different access rules for different user roles in your organization. For example, if you want everyone to be able to see the insurance documents for the aircraft, but you only want to give access to the management team to modify those documents.