Flight register

The flight register brings together all the flights that happen in your organization in one big table. It’s the perfect place to get an overview of all flights that happened in a certain period. Combining all flights in a big table might sound a bit overwhelming but thanks to the fact that everything in Aviatize is color coded and the assistance of some state-of-the-art filters makes everything simple to find. We will now go a bit more into detail on what it is that you can do on the flight register page.

The overview page

The flight register overview page is the perfect place to get a quick overview of all the flights that happened recently in your organization. Let’s start with a short list of which information you can find on the flight register page

Thanks to some intelligent filters and a top-notch sorting system it’s easy to find all the information you need here. 


  • Type of flight
  • Flight legs
  • Start date
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • PIC and P2
  • Total time
  • Aircraft
  • HOBBS start and stop
  • Flight time start and stop
  • Date information

The flight register detail page

Sometimes you need a little bit more information than the information we provide on the overview page. Then the flight register detail page comes into play. The flight register page consists of a couple of different elements.


In the checkout tab of the flight register detail page you can find all the information the pilot submitted while checking out of the aircraft. You can find more information about checking in and checking out on the check-in & checkout feature page. 

In this tab you will find the following information for each flight leg (Pro tip: you get almost the same information in the details tab in an easier design):

  • Fuel uplift before and after
  • Oil uplift
  • Type of flight
  • Flight ID
  • Departure and arrival location
  • Crew
  • PAX
  • Fuel start and end
  • Fuel used
  • Engine start and stop
  • Engine time
  • Blocks off and on
  • Block time
  • Take-off and landing time
  • Airborne time
  • Landings during the day and night
  • Flight rules
  • Night time
  • Customer
  • Reference


In the CRM tab of the flight register detail page you can find all financial information that is related to this specific flight. You will see that there is an invoice that has calculated the cost of this flight based on a price per minute. In addition here you can add extra costs like fuel uplift, landing taxes, passenger taxes, and so on. This allows your team to keep track of all the financial paperwork, all integrated into Aviatize.
We will talk more about the complete CRM system and how it works on the CRM feature page

Flight replay

When using the Aviatize Companion app during your flight the Aviatize Companion app is able to track your flight. When checking out, Aviatize Companion and the Aviatize platform sync automatically allowing you to replay your flight path. This can be especially useful for students and charter companies but it’s pretty useful for everyone to show your exact flight path to your team members.



In the files, you will see all files that are linked to a specific flight. Think about fuel receipts, flight preparation, mass and balance sheets, NOTAMs, weather, and much more. The magical part of this feature is that whenever you use the Aviatize Companion app to take a picture of your document it will automatically be available in the Aviatize platform as well. This means you can say goodbye to losing documents.