Flight register

The flight register brings together all the flights that happen in your organization, along with their associated information. It’s the perfect place to get an overview of all flights that happened in a certain period of time. You can see which fuel receipts are linked to a flight, the flight path and much more. Thanks to the fact that everything in Aviatize is color-coded and with the help of some state-of-the-art filters, everything is easy to find.

Flight replay

When using the Aviatize Companion app during your flight, the Aviatize Companion app can track your flight. When you check out, Aviatize Companion and the Aviatize platform will automatically sync so you can replay your flight path. This can be especially useful for students and charter companies, but it’s also very useful for everyone to have their exact flight path.

The overview page

Get a color-coded view of all flights in your organization for a specific time period and instant access to the flight information and administrative details of those flights.

It’s easy to find all the information you need, thanks to smart filters and a top-notch sorting system.

The flight register detail page: Checkout

The Checkout tab of the Flight Register Details page contains all the information that the pilot submitted when he or she checked out of the aircraft. For more information about checking in and out, see the Check-in and Check-out features page.

Customer Relations Management

On the CRM tab of the flight log detail page, you can see all the financial information associated with this flight. You will see an invoice that has calculated the cost of this flight based on a price per minute. You can also add additional costs such as fuel uplift, landing fees, passenger taxes, etc. our team can keep track of all the financial paperwork, all integrated into Aviatize.


In Files you will see all the files associated with a particular flight such as fuel receipts, flight preparation, mass and balance sheets, NOTAMs, weather, and much more. The magical part of this feature is that whenever you use the Aviatize Companion app to take a picture of your document, it will automatically be available in the Aviatize platform. This means you can say goodbye to lost documents.