Aviatize is expanding and we are looking for Full-Stack Developers to join our team!

At Aviatize we build the future of Aviation. We started out improving the life of drone pilots. Then we also provided our UTM systems for authorities (e.g. every drone flight in Malta goes through our platform.) And now we are also providing Flight Clubs and Aviation companies with our latest solutions!

We need you to make it happen!

We offer a competitive salary package and a flexible working environment. Great career opportunities and the possibility to grow within the company. Follow the latest trends and adopt new techniques in our systems. Our systems get deployed worldwide. If you’re interested, the occasional travel for a deployment or POC can be yours as well.

We love to write simple, easy-to-understand code in a standardised way. And we believe that the best lines are the ones that don’t get written. We follow industry standard processes by utilising GIT with Peer Code Reviews  and CI/CD for continuous deployments on the Kubernetes cluster. We try to optimise UX further every day.

We write all our code in Typescript/Javascript. For the front-end we build everything with React. We have built out an extensive library of components and hooks that help us to ship new features faster. Our back-end runs on Node with Meteor and there’s also a REST API for the React Native mobile App. The data of our systems is stored securely in a MongoDB database.

Wanna know more? 
Get in touch with our CTO now at or +32477349046