Manage all your CAMO and PART-145 activities in the cloud on the Aviatize platform to ensure real-time compliance. 

Track the execution and applicability of all Maintenance Instructions, Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives.

Create and schedule work orders, convert them to defect reports for execution, and generate your release to service once everything has been checked.

Digital audit trails are built into the system, so ensuring compliance with your local CAA has never been easier.

Track execution and applicability of Maintenance instructions, SB’s and AD’s and create work orders in seconds

You can add all the maintenance instructions, SB’s and Ad’s that are relevant in your local jurisdiction directly in the Aviatize platform. You can add everything to digital Aircraft models so you can immediately have everything set up at once for multiple aircraft. Add other installed equipment and monitor limited lifetime components in real-time based on the current Hobbs or Engine times. For all the aircraft you’ll manage, this will lead to the current Aircraft status. You can of course sort them based on the urgency of the next maintenance due. When planning the next batch of work, you can open the aircraft on top of the list. 

Work orders can be created instantly from the current maintenance status of the aircraft. In a matter of seconds, you can create a new work order from all the urgent actions in the aircraft status. You can schedule it and ask the customer to approve the content and timing of the work order. Preparing next month’s schedule is now a breeze. Once the work orders have been sent out, you can return to the hangar to continue operations. Approval notifications come in and are automatically displayed in the CAMO schedule and on the work orders. If there are any rejections, the system can suggest improvements to your schedule based on the estimated accepted workload.

Carry out the maintenance, fill in the defect report, and re-commission when everything is ready.

When the aircraft flies in, you can turn the work order into a defect report with a single click. The system has monitored what parts are needed in advance, so everything is ready to go. Think of all the times you had to call your customer to tell them the aircraft will be out of service for another week because a part is missing.

Each task or subtask is displayed in the defect report, and you can close items as you go, add notes and get your witness to sign off critical tasks to ensure compliance. The system knows where an extra pair of eyes is needed, so even junior technicians can work without a babysitter. When the maintenance is complete, the ‘release to service’ awaits you in your account.

As the CAMO manager, you will receive a notification when the technicians are ready. All you have to do is check the work order and defect report and you’re ready to press ‘Release to Service’. Your customer will receive a notification in Aviatize Connect as soon as you press the button, so they can quickly pick up their aircraft and free up the hangar for the next batch.

Connect directly to the operators you serve with their free Aviatize Connect mobile application

Hobbs and hour counters are shared instantly, so as a CAMO you can drastically optimize your planning as you have a complete view of all the aircraft in your portfolio. Aviatize can even give you a hand in planning maintenance sessions and proposes updates to optimize your planning. Technical Issues are immediately visible once they are entered from the Aviatize Connect account; your client can add a screenshot or a text note to it. Should it require immediate intervention, you can react as soon as you see it keeping them out of harm’s way. You can propose an appointment to fly in immediately, and your client can accept it directly on the platform. Everybody sees the appointment in their schedule, so there are no more double bookings or missed appointments.

Instantly access your files and ensure compliance with local CAA requirements with automated backup and retention

Go digital and get rid of paper shelves and folders. The Aviatize platform guarantees compliance with local retention requirements. We keep your (and your client’s) data safe and secure in multiple locations. Complying with retention requirements has never been so easy and fun. You can retrieve a file in a matter of seconds, simply enter the tail number and get the current real-time status in minutes, anywhere in the world. Add a note from the client who’s calling while you’re on holiday and get the appointment scheduled for you automatically.