Maintenance is a critical part of the aviation world we live in, without it we would all be lost. In Aviatize you can manage your entire maintenance organization from A to Z. Maintenance rules, SB’s, AD’s, life-limited components, work orders, and much more.
Disclaimer: This page is about our maintenance module focused on maintenance organizations, there is also a simplified way to do maintenance with Aviatize.

Maintenance instructions

This is the core of maintenance in Aviatize. In the maintenance instructions, we will let the system know what the ATA and description of a certain maintenance instruction is. Maintenance needs to happen at certain intervals they can either be, flight time-based, calendar time-based, or flight cycle based. All these types of intervals are supported in Aviatize. You can even add multiple intervals, like every 200 flight hours and every 6 months, and just do whichever comes first.
In order to keep track and plan ahead we also indicate how many manhours it is going to take and what the downtime of the aircraft will be.

In Aviatize we assign maintenance instructions to aircraft models, this allows us to create maintenance instructions for all Cirrus sr22’s at once!

A maintenance instruction exists out of different maintenance tasks. We will say that when we have to do the 100 hours maintenance, we have to complete the following maintenance tasks in order to complete the maintenance. That way you will never forget to do a task.

Service Bulletins (SB) and Airworthiness Directives (AD)

In Aviatize it is simple to add an SB or AD, you can keep track of the following information:

  • ATA
  • Description
  • Publication reference
  • Attach a PDF document
  • If it is an AD or SB
  • If it’s a one-time SB or AD or a repeating
  • The effective and due date
  • How many manhours it is going to take
  • What the downtime of the aircraft will be

We also link AD’s and SB’s to aircraft models so that we can quickly add them to all relevant aircraft. 

Maintenance per aircraft

Aviatize will show you for each aircraft some important information like when the next maintenance is scheduled and how much time or flights you have remaining until you reach the next maintenance.
This would allow us in the validations to make it impossible to book an aircraft when it is coming close to its maintenance moment.

Executing a maintenance instruction

You can select which maintenance instructions you want to execute on a specific aircraft. Now Aviatize will create a work order for you to which you can even add custom extra tasks to create a highly customizable experience. After the creation of the work order, you can create the defect report. That way you can start actually executing the selected maintenance.
For each maintenance task, you can add the following information:

  • Correction/Action
  • Files
  • Include in CRS
  • Closed by
  • Independent inspector
  • Close or defer an item

When you want to link an item to a Certificate of Release to Service, you can do that by using a simple switch. Aviatize will keep track of all your CRSs.

Technical issues

Whenever something is wrong with an aircraft a technical issue will be created for the appointed maintenance manager. Every pilot who checks in and checks out an aircraft will have the chance in Aviatize to report a technical issue with the aircraft. This is also a part of the maintenance module within Aviatize.