My Cockpit

My cockpit is really the epicenter for most users of the platform. This is where you, your students or your club members, or your fellow pilots will see what is what. The cockpit is a personal space all information you see here is customized to what you need. From your schedule to your transactions and from your documents to your inbox, all there in 1 centralized place.
Now we go a little bit into more detail about what it is that each feature can do for you.
Of course, text is just text, if you want to see Aviatize in action you can book a demo here.

My Schedule

In your schedule, you can see a day, week, list, or month view of all your scheduled activities. You can even check-in for your flights on the schedule simply by clicking on the timeslot.

You can link your schedule to all major calendar providers like Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple. This allows you to see the activities that you scheduled in Aviatize in relation to your other activities. The schedule also allows you to see the sunset and sunrise for your linked ICAO code.  

My Flights

In the “My Flights” section of your cockpit, you can see all the flights that you did since you joined Aviatize. The flights section gives you access to the following information regarding your flights:

  • Type of flight
  • Flight legs
  • Status
  • Start date, start time, and end time
  • Person in command
  • Person in secondary command
  • Total time
  • Aircraft registration sign
  • Start and stop times (Hobbs or other)
  • Flight time start and stop
  • Created by and when
  • When it was last modified

My Flights

For each flight, you can see in detail what the flight was about. 

  • You get your regular flight details
  • An overview of your flight legs
  • Your training grading (if applicable)
  • The transactions you did via the platform while doing this flight
  • When your flight is tracked with the Aviatize Companion you can see a replay of the route you flew
  • Comments where you can discuss your flight with your different team members
  • Files where you can store all your files that are linked to a flight, think about fuel receipts, and flight preparations (mass and balance, NOTAMs, weather, …) 

My pending approvals

Here you will be able to find a list of all the flights you still have to approve. This functionality is focused on the management of schools and clubs but this could be used as well for a group of 3-5 people who share an aircraft. 

You can read more on approvals here

My inbox

In your inbox, you can read all the communications like emails other people have sent you via the platform. By taking a quick peek at the different emails people sent you you can stay up to date in a matter of seconds.

You can find more information about communication here

Pilot logbook

The pilot logbook is very similar to the flights part of the cockpit just with a couple more pieces of information. This is all the information you get in your pilot logbook:

  • Date
  • Departure place and time
  • Arrival place and time
  • Aircraft model and registration
  • Single engine time
  • Multi-engine time
  • Multi-pilot time
  • Total time
  • Person in command
  • Landings day or night
  • Night time
  • IFR Time
  • PIC time
  • P2 time
  • Dual time
  • Instructor time


After some time this part of the platform will become quite crowded of course. That’s why almost everywhere in Aviatize you can find search bars and filter systems!

License & Qualifications

In this part of your cockpit you can keep an overview of all your important documents. Like your medical certificate, your pilot license, and much more. Thanks to the easy color grading we use in Aviatize you will be able to see if all your documents are up to date, aka green, or if you need to take action. You can also consult your documents here, so no more need to carry everything with you except for the documents that require you to have a hard copy on you of course.

You can read more about the document library here

My courses

My courses gives you an overview of all the training classes you are involved in. With the footprint view, you can see in detail each course and how you are doing for each specific part of that course.

My transactions

All your transactions are bundled in one view here. You can see your balance and an overview of all the payments you have made through the platform or offline. Aviatize allows you to manage all your payments for your flights via an online payment platform where you can pay with your credit card.

You can find more information on that here

My availabilities

When you are an instructor, or when this applies to you, you are not always available for other people to book a time slot with you. If you for example want to take a break or have other things to do you can mark your calendar as unavailable and let other people know.