My Cockpit


No need to complicate the resource reservation, payment system, or digital library for your students or club members. My Cockpit is where you can find all your personal information and schedule in one easy-to-navigate view.

All in one place are your schedule, transactions, documents and your inbox. 

Your cockpit gives you access to the following information.

Your Schedule

In ‘Your schedule’, you can see a day, week, list, or month view of all your scheduled activities. You can check-in for your flights on the schedule by clicking on the time slot. 


Link your schedule to all major calendar providers, including Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple’s Calendar. By integrating Aviatize with your regular calendar you can see your activities and personal activities in one schedule. The schedule allows you to see the sunset and sunrise for your linked ICAO code.

My Flights

In the “My Flights” section of your cockpit, you can see all the flights that you have made since you joined Aviatize. The Flights section gives you access to specific information that is linked to your flights such as :  

  • Your regular flight details
  • Your flight legs
  • Your training grading (if applicable)
  • The transactions you did via the platform 
  • A flight replay, using our app you can get a replay of the route that you took. (coming soon)
  • Comments where you can discuss your flight with different team members
  • Files access of all your files that are linked to a flight; for example fuel receipts.

My pending approvals

Not everyone should be able to reserve all resources at all times for as long as they want. Sometimes a reservation needs to be approved by other team members. Here is a list of your pending approvals.

My Inbox

All communication in 1 centralized place is something everyone dreams of, but that seems impossible to achieve. In your inbox, you can read all of the communications like emails that other people have sent you through the platform. By taking a quick look at the different emails people have sent you, you can stay up to date in a matter of seconds.

Pilot Logbook

The Aviatize logbook is EASA Part FCL.050 compliant. There is no need to fill out your logbook manually, and there is no chance of making a mistake. If you already have your logbook stored somewhere else in the cloud, don’t worry; with the import function, you can import your logbook from anywhere. 

After a while, this part of the platform gets quite crowded. That’s why you’ll find search bars and filter systems everywhere in Aviatize.

My Courses

“My Courses” gives you an overview of all the training courses you are enrolled in. By using the Footprint view, you can see your progress on each exercise in the course in detail.

My Transactions

Keeping an overview of your personal expenses when flying is key. That is why all your transactions are bundled into one view. You can see your balance and an overview of your payments through the platform or offline. Aviatize allows you to manage all payments for your flights through an online payment platform where you can pay with your credit card.

My Availability

You can’t be available 24/7 for people to book flights with you. For example, if you want to take a break or carry out other work-related tasks, you can mark your calendar as unavailable and let others know. This allows you to run your business as efficiently as possible.

Pilot Documents

Keep track of all your important documents. Your medical certificates, your pilot licenses, your qualifications and much more. Thanks to the visual interface we use in Aviatize, you can instantly see if all your documents are up to date, aka green, or if you need to take action. You can also view your documents digitally, so you no longer need to carry everything with you, except the documents that you need in paper form.