Happy International Women’s Day!

We’d like to take a moment to thank all of our women aviation supporters. Without you, the aviation industry may not have made such phenomenal movements in history. For example, Bessie Coleman was the first African American and Native American descent pilot to earn her pilot’s license in the U.S.


She began her career as a manicurist at a local Chicago barbershop. From there, she began dreaming about what it would be like to be a pilot and own a flying school. In 1922, she performed the first public flight as an African American woman performing loops and lazy 8’s in the sky.


There was also Amelia Earhart, who flew solo over the Atlantic Ocean back in 1937.  

In 1929 she encouraged women to fight societal norms and enter the aviation industry. Then she created an organization for women pilots called the:


 “Ninety-Nines” and was the first president of this group.


Earhart attempted her first solo flight around the world with Fred Noonan as her navigator; after this flight, she sadly disappeared, and still, to this day, she, Noonan and her plane were never found. 


It’s no secret that aviation would not be what it is today without these brave and tremendous women in history. We might have never had female pilots if no individuals like Bessie and Amelia encouraged and empowered women to do what they wanted. 


Women such as Betty Skelton, formally known as the:


 “First Lady of Firsts


She held the fastest travelling speed at greater than 486 kph (300mph) in an original jet-powered car. She also held 17 aviation and race car records, and she advocated for women to join the aviation industry and paved the way for them.


This fantastic lady knew at 8 years old that she wanted to be a naval aviator, and adamantly she declared this aspiration to her parents. At the age of 12, she took her first solo flight in a 40-hp Taylorcraft with the assistance of Wright. 


At 17, she earned enough flight hours to qualify for the Women’s Airforce. This was a huge milestone in her flying career; she was only a teenager! All these incredible women have proven that in history, women have always taken the leap of faith and just gone with what they feel is the best action plan. 


We celebrate International Women’s Day with pride as we know that we celebrate the powerful movements made in history by these women and many women to come in the future.


Aviatize would like to say thank you to those women of history and to the future women who will take a step in the right direction and make it possible for women to fly. 


Today’s all about you ladies 💅🏻

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