Learn2Fly advocates Aviatize’s proactiveness and willingness to be adaptive and care about your aviation needs.

History of Learn2Fly

Leon Labuschagne, the new owner of Learn2Fly flying school based in Pretoria, South Africa, sat down with us at Aviatize to discuss his journey from beginning to present with his business and Aviatize becoming a part of that. 

In 2019, he was considering buying a flying school; it just so happened that Learn2Fly’s previous owner was ready to sell. So just like that, Leon took a leap of faith into the aviation business. From then on, he has made it his mission to teach young aspiring pilots to obtain their licenses. 

Both sides of his family had worked in the aviation industry, most of whom were pilots; This explained why Leon’s passion was in aviation from the get-go. Before Leon started using Aviatize, Leon was spending most of his working days in the office and not having the time to fly or even care to essential parts of his flying school.

The Journey with Aviatize

When he searched for software to assist him with these needs, he found a local company specializing in the catering sector. However, due to the time, it would have taken to re-design that software, it would have cost his flying school a lot of money and time. That was when he discovered, Aviatize

Transferring data from Leon’s paperwork to Aviatize’s system took minimal time, but not as long as it had taken when he would have to input all the information manually. 

He said how Aviatize had helped, and to quote:

“A magic tool that makes life easier, logical way that it works, makes it easier and user-friendly.”

Leon expressed his deepest gratitude towards Avatize and the team for always listening and being proactive throughout his time. He stated that he felt that he was part of an Aviatize community in how proactive and caring how his business went with our system. 

At Aviatize, we adapt our system to your aviation needs; Leon stated that this was one of the many key features Aviatize has. He also said that we were honest, had great communication and gave him the will to do better by being proactive and continuously working to collaborate together. 

The Aftermath of Aviatize’s results

He mentioned that he is currently working on his CPL, and we wish him the best of luck in completing that course. The remote accessibility of Aviatize has; has given Leon the free time to focus on training young pilots and to work on marketing for Learn2Fly.

All photo credit: Leon @ Learn2Fly

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