Reservation, check-in, checkout, and online payment

Reserve an aircraft, simulator, briefing room, instructor, or any other resource available on the Timeline. We focus on reserving an aircraft as this is the most common use of this feature. Aviatize allows you to manage reservations, check-ins, checkouts, and thanks to our Stripe integration; your customers can pay instantly after the flight.

Making a reservation in 3 clicks

On the timeline, you can select and book an aircraft by dragging the timeline. You can then fill out a small, responsive form. For a simple flight, it only takes 3 clicks to complete the reservation. Of course, the fields you need to fill in depend on the type of flight you want to book. For a training flight, you will need to select the instructor and the student. You can even choose which exercises you want to do that day. 

At the bottom of each reservation screen, you will see a real-time check from Aviatize based on the validations you have previously set up. This will show you if you are good to go, if a reservation is blocked or if you have a warning message. This gives you the peace of mind that every flight booking is in order.

Whenever a reservation is booked, there is an option to have it approved by someone. In this case, the approving person will be contacted to inform them that a task is waiting for them. Before a reservation is approved or denied, it will appear translucent on the timeline.

Online payment

Online payment is part of the checkout process. Thanks to our integration with Stripe’s online payment platform, we can also manage payments in Aviatize. This means that at the end of a flight, Aviatize calculates the cost of the aircraft based on a price per minute that you can set up in the CRM settings for each aircraft.

After this step, the user can add various extra products to the total, such as landing fees or passenger taxes, which would be charged to the organization. When the online payment system is used, Aviatize will automatically generate an invoice for every flight as well. Your flight club can now run on auto-pilot.

Checking out

Keep track of your fuel, block time, landings, and more in the checkout process. After the flight, there is the checkout process, where you enter all the information from your flight. 

You can submit all the information fields for each leg of your trip. After completing this step, you can do a few other things. 

Report a technical issue for a specific leg, provide a full description of what happened and what is wrong with the resource, and you can attach files such as images, etc. After reporting a technical issue, the appropriate person will automatically be contacted to follow up on the issue.

You can also attach a techlog or any other file with a comment that will be sent to the person you assign it to. This way you can keep all files and documents related to a flight neatly organized for that flight. If you are using the Aviatize Companion, you can quickly scan a document, and it will be associated with the flight you are on.

If it is a training flight, this is the place where the instructor can grade the student. If you want to know more about grading, you can visit the Training feature page.

Checking in

When it is time for your flight, the check-in process is simple. When you check-in, you verify that all the information you provided when you made your reservation is still correct so that everyone has the correct information such as aircraft, PIC, route, and an engine time counter (e.g. Hobbs)

When you are checked in, everyone can see that a particular aircraft is checked in. This is an excellent way for operations managers to maintain operational control or for aeroclub members to see if an aircraft is taken for a flight.