Safety management system

The Aviatize Safety Management System allows you to keep track of all occurrences. Whenever a member of your team submits an incident report, it will be anonymized and the Safety Manager will be notified. The Safety Management System also consists of doing root cause investigations, listing consequences, and mitigating these consequences.

Reporting an occurrence

When reporting an occurrence you can fill in a standardized form asking you a couple of questions:

  • Is the reporting of this occurrence mandatory
  • What is the type of occurrence report
  • When did the occurrence occur
  • Describe the occurrence
  • Damage report on aircraft and third party
  • Were there any injuries? 
  • What was the worst possible consequence?

After the user reported the occurrence, the safety manager will get a notification.

Anonymise and investigate

The safety manager can make the occurrence report anonymous. This means describing it without any personal information. This can help keep the focus where it should be, on safety. Anonymous reporting provides a safe environment for everyone in the organization.
Now the safety manager can conduct a thorough investigation and root cause analysis. Listing the consequences with their risk level index is also part of this step. The final step here is to assign all consequences to yourself or others on your team.


Allowing other users to propose mitigations provides some real learning opportunities for the team. The assigned user proposes a mitigation with a description, cost, time cost and final risk level index. The security manager can then tolerate, reject or accept the mitigation.