Smart booking

With Aviatize you can manage all your resources your resources are not limited to just your aircraft of course. These can also be your classrooms, simulators, or even instructors. The smart booking system allows you to optimize all your resources and guarantee compliance at the same time. For the pilots in the organization, it’s very simple, they can book a slot with their preferred aircraft and or instructor and that’s it. In Aviatize it only takes 3 clicks to book an aircraft and when using the Aviatize Companion app it’s even faster. The management team in the organization is able to set up everything exactly to your current procedures. Aviatize is the most flexible system in the market today. 

The smart booking system exists out of a couple of different components working together in harmony to ensure optimization and compliance.


The timeline displays all your resources, your resources are not limited to just your aircraft of course. These can also be your classrooms, simulators, or even instructors.

Here on the timeline you can book a timeslot on an aircraft in only 3 clicks, that’s how easy it is. With the color codes on the timeline, it’s straightforward to see what the maintenance status of the different aircraft is and plan accordingly. You can also find the sunrise and sunset here to help you plan your flight.
You can read more about how to reserve, check-in, check out, pay online, and more on this page

Calendar types

In the calendar types, we can configure what kind of flights users can book in the schedule. Here we have a couple of very interesting features to make it as easy as possible for you. When creating calendar types you have the option to make it just a normal type like a rental or anything like that, this will give users the easiest booking interface because we don’t need that much information here. For a training flight on the other, you need more information like the instructor, the training class, which exercises you will do, and so on. This highly customizable setup allows you to create a straightforward user experience for your members. 

In a flight club or a flight school one of the most important things is that you keep the props running. With Aviatize you can add additional crew or resource time to specific calendar types. How does that work? Easy. When an instructor books a flight with a student on an aircraft they book the aircraft from 2 to 4 while actually flying only the first hour and using the remaining hour to discuss the flight while holding up other pilots who want to fly. With this feature, you can separate the time between crew and resources to optimize your schedule. 

With the option to allow who can access which calendar types you can create for example a “maintenance” calendar type that only the maintenance members and managers in your organization can select. That way you can create a custom experience for your different types of team members. 

Validation points

Validation points allow you to create a custom set of rules for your organization here are some examples:

  • You want a member of your team to only be able to book an aircraft if they reserve it 1 day in advance.
  • You only want people to be able to book an aircraft if they have a valid medical certificate uploaded in Aviatize. A great way to guarantee compliance.
  • You only want your members to able to check in into the aircraft if they have a positive balance in Aviatize
  • All three above combined is possible as well ofcourse

In summary, the validation points are a great tool to enforce real-time compliance and regulations onto your team. Everybody forgets something sometime, but with Aviatize, that is now a thing of the past. 

Approval configuration

Approval configurations allow you to set up specific rules for flight bookings in your organization. This can be highly specific for only some edge cases but could also just be for every flight booked in Aviatize, that is completely up to you and how your procedures work. Whenever a flight is booked that needs to be approved the right person (often the manager) will get a notification on their dashboard with the option to approve or reject a request.

Here are a couple of examples of how this could work:

  • When someone is trying to book a flight for more than 6 hours, this is possible but this needs to be approved by the manager.
  • Students can book aircraft but those bookings need to be approved by a manager and instructor.
  • Whenever someone is trying to cancel a book less than 24 hours before the flight, this cancellation needs to be approved by the managing team. 


There are tons of parameters to set up approvals, we go deeper into this in the Aviatize Academy.

Calendar settings

Calendar settings is where you optimize and customize the whole timeline exactly to your needs. Here we can turn on and off SMS updates, when this is turned on every one that is involved in a flight will be notified via SMS as well as via email. This is also where you set up your home ICAO code so that Aviatize can show you the correct weather and sunrise & sunset times. 

There are tons of parameters to define the calendar settings, we go deeper into this in the Aviatize Academy.