Training Management

Student management contains a lot of different functionalities. We can separate student management into 6 parts.


  1. Book a training in the schedule
  2. Batch planning
  3. Training reporting: Easy overviews
  4. Grading
  5. Class management: Footprint, documents, comments,…
  6. Syllabus management


Book training in the schedule

With Aviatize you can schedule all your students efficiently in your schedule. Thanks to the versatility of Aviatize you can either quickly schedule 10 lessons for one student without adding too many details and figure it out later or you can schedule in-depth for each student immediately which aircraft they will fly, who the instructor will be, and what exercises they will do. Need to schedule a theoretical training session for a whole class? That’s not a problem for Aviatize either.


Batch planning

At the beginning of each semester, you can start scheduling all the different training flights for a group of students. This would be a lot of work if you had to do this for all the exercises for all the students for all classes. That’s why Aviatize has batch planning, with an easy drag-and-drop interface you can now schedule all flights super quickly. In the future, we will take this to the next level and let Aviatize propose you a complete schedule based on your previous plannings in the system.


Training Reporting

After grading a student on their exercise or exam it is of course important that this information is easily accessible to all other instructors and the student themselves. In the Aviatize training reports, you can see each student’s progress from each class in the blink of an eye.



Probably one of the most important aspects of the training module is to actually grade a student’s progress. Aviatize developed an easy-to-use interface to grade a student that can even be used in the cockpit on a tablet during a flight. When the instructor is ready with the grading the student has to accept or reject the grades from the instructor as is common in most training organizations. Deferring or repeating exercises and grading competencies are all included in the platform.


Class management

Keep all your students organized in classes. Inside each class, you will find an overview of all the students that are linked to this class. Here you will be able to go into detail about each student and see their progress, and deferred items, check their documents, and leave comments about a student for another instructor.


Syllabus management

You can add and manage as many syllabuses to Aviatize as you want. Aviatize syllabus management is created in a way that it can comply with every standard out there.