User Management

Work like a well-oiled machine in Aviatize, manage your students or club members, and keep track of all your clients as a maintenance center; Aviatize has your back. Our extensive user management module is making it easier than ever to import and export new users, decide who can see what, create different user groups, etc.

User overview

See all your team members and other relevant information about them in the blink of an eye. At the top, you have tabs for every role you have defined. You can read more about this in the Access Control and Role Management.

When you open the user detail page you will immediately get access to all the details of the user:

  • Licenses and qualifications
  • Schedule
  • ICE contacts
  • Personal details
  • The courses the user is enrolled in


This detailed view of the user can also be opened from anywhere in the application where a username is shown!

Adding new users

It’s all about efficiency, which is why there are several ways to add new users to your team. If you just want to add a single user, you can use the Invite User option in Aviatize and fill out a simple form. After that, Aviatize will generate a secure password and give it to you so you can share it with the right person; you can also choose to send an email with vital information to the new user.

Of course, if you have a team of 100 users, you don’t want to invite them manually, one by one. That is why Aviatize has an import option. You can simply import a CSV and let Aviatize do the heavy lifting. This is making it extremely easy to get your organization migrated from any other system to Aviatize.

Roles and access control

In Aviatize you can assign roles to different users. This means that you can have managers, pilots, and auditors, … in your team, and you can create as many roles as you want. Combine roles with access control and you will see some real magic. 

In access control, you can turn on or off each feature in Aviatize. As a manager, you want to have access to everyone’s documents to make sure they are all correct but a pilot in your team should not be able to see the medical certificate of a fellow team member. All of that can be achieved using access control and roles management features. 

The true magic is that when a feature is turned off for someone it actually disappears from Aviatize, making Aviaitze very easy to use for some team members as it will only consist of a couple of different features.

User groups

Creating user groups allows you to make a clear separation between different groups of users. With these user groups, you can indicate that only a certain group of users is actually qualified to fly with a certain aircraft and that in order to be qualified to fly with that specific aircraft all things need to be in order like documents from everyone working in the aircraft.

In essence, aircraft user groups allow you to create custom rules for specific aircraft so that you can be sure only qualified people fly with a specific aircraft. 

User extension fields

Users extension fields give you the option to add custom data fields to the detail pages of a user. Let’s say that in your organization you want to keep track of when a pilot got their pilot license, or the gender of a user or anything you want. You can create a custom data field to add to all users and even control who can see them or who can edit them!