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The operating system for your drone business.

Let IDRONECT OS do the administrative heavy lifting while you grow your business.
From quote to invoice, manage and streamline all your projects and processes, flight planning, safety management, equipment, and people. Replace more than 10 applications with 1 easy-to-use platform and start doing more business.

IDRONECT UTM is a system that allows an airspace management entity, i.e. a local entity (for example cities, concert or drone test center) or a national entity (like a CAA or ANSP) to manage all unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the designated airspace. This means that UAV operators can create flight plans, notify or request approval for these in one digital platform, and get approval for the intended flight by the airspace manager who also is connected to the same platform. When a flight is authorized, it can be followed in real-time, and control can be kept thanks to real-time tracking and geo-fencing.
Aviatize Pro is an all-in-one smart management platform to stay in control of all processes in your aviation company.The platform is cloud-based and can be accessed on all types of devices by anyone in your organization.By staying in full control of your management activities in an easy way, you can free up more time to focus on flying. Aviatize Pro manages flight planning, dispatching, scheduling, training, maintenance, safety, compliance, document control, customer management, and even accounting. No need for any other applications and no need to install complex systems.

Air- Heli-port, Flight School (ATO/DTO), Aeroclub Software

SkyMan is the application to centralize and share flight-based activities. It is specially designed for professional flight schools, helicopter or aircraft fleet managers, and aeroclubs. This through specific user analysis and need-based development.

What is Aviatize

Aviatize is a Belgian company (bv / sprl) founded in June 2015 by Tom Verbruggen (Msc Aviation Mechanics – Airline Transport Pilot) and Chris De Rouck (M.Eng Computer Software Engineering).

The mission of Aviatize is to develop innovative digital applications for the aviation industry’s many processes, according to the newest developments in the field of digital and online applications (Saas: Software as a service).