Real-time compliance while
flying more than ever.

The all-in-one digital platform to manage all processes needed in a
flight school, flying club, operator, or maintenance facility that adapts to your own workflows.
Total peace of mind, no more interruptions or costly surprises, just focus on
growing your aviation business.

To Aviatize your Flying means maximizing flying, minimizing time spent on admin tasks and optimizing your overall organization.

We want you to Fly More. In all Safety.

Aviatize is the innovator behind the powerful and versatile AVIATIZE platform, an all-in-one end-to-end online software suite available on all devices, for many users.

Aviatize Pro is an all-in-one smart management platform to stay in control of all processes in your aviation company.

For who?

Aviatize Club is the all-in-one solution for aeroclubs and small training organizations. Members of the aeroclub can intuitively reserve aircraft, look up documents, manage provisions , follow training progress and interact with other members.

For who?

Aviatize Pilot is an intuitive platform that takes care of flight planning, maintenance planning, flight bookings if you have multiple users, compliance and cost control.

For who?

To ‘Aviatize’ your organization / company / aircraft means ultimately