Maximize your flying
with peace of mind.

The all-in-one digital platform to manage all processes needed in a flight school, flying club,
operator, or maintenance facility that adapts to your own workflows. 
Real-time compliance, no more interruptions or costly surprises,
just focus on flying more and growing your aviation business.

"Someone who has an in depth understanding of our business and at the same time is able to think along and support us. We highly appreciate the fact that we are able to enter our syllabi in Aviatize according to our wishes."

For any operations from 1 to 100+ aircraft

Manage everything in one place

Work from anywhere on any device

From maintenance to take-off, and everything in between.

Aviatize replaces more than 10 other software applications and combines over 60 features in one application.

Access and manage your aviation assets and processes from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone anytime you choose.

Save time on administrative tasks and focus on flying.

It’s all about less software, not more.

screens with aircraft

Operations without disruptions

Keep the props turning

Avoid any controllable disruptions thanks to the built-in validation engine.

Get a timely heads up on due dates and things that can influence the planning such as renewals, double bookings, or maintenance downtime.

Avoid costly surprises such as last-minute changes to training or operations planning.

From digital records to optimal workflows

Say goodbye to paper and spreadsheets

Keep all your pilot, aircraft and organization records neatly in one secure and accessible place.

Digital forms with validated and actionable data allow for performing full workflows from A to Z, all without leaving the platform.

Get useful data from your records, not just a scanned pdf.

Have it your way

Fully configurable to your own processes

The old adagio “Do what you write and write what you do” was never easier.

Configure the experience and workflows according to your own reality. No code is required.

That’s convenient when it comes to being compliant as well.

"Using Aviatize is a win for Learn 2 Fly, I am saving time and money using Aviatize. We pride ourselves by being part of the Aviatize family! Aviatize is very user friendly, and willing to better the product to suit all users and make life easier"

See Aviatize in action , in a demo or a webinar

To Aviatize your Flying means maximizing flying, minimizing time spent on admin tasks and optimizing your overall organization.

We want you to Fly More. In all Safety.

Aviatize is the innovator behind the powerful and versatile AVIATIZE platform, an all-in-one end-to-end online software suite available on all devices, for many users.

To ‘Aviatize’ your organization / company / aircraft means ultimately