The multitool of the sky.

From maintenance to take-off, and everything in between.
For private aircraft owners, flight schools, aeroclubs, and airlines.

Aviatize Pro is an all-in-one smart management platform to stay in control of all processes in your aviation company.The platform is cloud-based and can be accessed on all types of devices by anyone in your organization.By staying in full control of your management activities in an easy way, you can free up more time to focus on flying. Aviatize Pro manages flight planning, dispatching, scheduling, training, maintenance, safety, compliance, document control, customer management, and even accounting. No need for any other applications and no need to install complex systems.

It is a comprehensive system that is created with a great deal of aviation expertise and with the objective to offer a system that does not have to be developed but can be configured to the actual workflows of the operator. This allows the operator to focus on the actual flight operation, knowing that the management system tool Aviatize Pro supports the ‘do what you write, describe what you do’ mantra. Aviatize Pro is made by aviation professionals, for aviation professionals.

Aviatize Club is the all-in-one solution for aeroclubs and small training organizations. Members of the aeroclub can intuitively reserve aircraft, look up documents, manage provisions , follow training progress and interact with other members.

With Aviatize Club, the organization does not have to rely on volunteers to run the administration but can take part in the flying fun, knowing that everything is taken care of.

While flight bookings, administration and documentation control are standard features of

Aviatize Club, the platform can be expanded with maintenance planning, training, flight safety and accounting features.

Owning and maybe renting out your own aircraft comes with a lot of administrative tasks.

Aviatize Pilot allows you to stay on top of your costs and maintenance planning, and ensures compliance so you can keep the value of your aircraft where it is supposed to be without the administrative burden. After all, owning and flying your own aircraft should be fun.

Aviatize Pilot is an intuitive platform that takes care of flight planning, maintenance planning, flight bookings if you have multiple users, compliance and cost control.

About Aviatize

Aviatize is a Belgian company (bv / sprl) founded in June 2015 by Tom Verbruggen (Msc Aviation Mechanics – Airline Transport Pilot) and Chris De Rouck (M.Eng Computer Software Engineering).

The mission of Aviatize is to develop innovative digital applications for the aviation industry’s many processes, according to the newest developments in the field of digital and online applications (Saas: Software as a service).