Flight Training Organizations - ATO / DTO

Run your entire training program on Aviatize with peace of mind. Configure the system according to your training needs. Add your classes, students and start training. Aviatize offers classroom, practical, and competence-based training all in one platform.

Living in a digital world

Aviation agencies like EASA, FAA or any other agency require you to keep your student records for at least 5 years and sometimes even longer. If you live in the paper world, this is one big mess. Even if you use Excel or some other homemade system, it can quickly become a big disaster when you have an audit. Living in a truly digital world solves all your problems; you never have to worry about a file again, ever.

A platform that follows your processes instead of the other way around

Starting the journey to digitize your flight training organization can be exciting, to say the least, but when you realize that you need to change all your processes and structure, the excitement quickly turns to nerves and fear. All training processes in Aviatize are based on EASA regulations but can be completely customized to your organization. Let Aviatize do the work for you!

Efficiency, efficiency,… and “oh no”, we neglected safety and compliance

At Aviatize, we understand that running a successful flight training organization is all about efficiency, and keeping the props turning. That makes sense! As long as the props turn, your flight training organization is making money. We help you in every way possible, from creating the most optimal schedules to efficient and accurate grading and much more! At the same time, we ensure you are 100% compliant and safe with automated checks and more.

Set students up for success

You want your students to succeed. To make that happen, you need a solid structure and clear instructions, not only for the students but also for the instructors. A happy and engaged instructor is a better instructor. No more losing track of student progress or feedback. By sharing feedback with your students and fellow instructors, you can create a positive atmosphere and increase your student’s success.