Aircraft owners

Do you own or rent out your own aircraft? If so, you know that managing your aviation operations can be overwhelming. Between flight planning, maintenance planning, compliance, cost control, and flight tracking, it’s easy to get bogged down in administrative tasks. But owning and flying your own aircraft should be fun, not a hassle.

That’s where Aviatize Pilot comes in – an intuitive platform that takes care of all your aviation management needs. With Aviatize Pilot, you can stay on top of your costs and maintenance planning, ensure compliance, keep track of your flights, and keep the value of your aircraft where it’s supposed to be – all without the administrative burden.

What is Aviatize Pilot?

Aviatize Pilot is an intuitive platform that simplifies aircraft management. With Aviatize Pilot, you can:

  • Manage your flight planning and bookings
  • Schedule and track maintenance
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Control your costs and expenses
  • Keep track of your flights


Flight Planning and Bookings

With Aviatize Pilot, you can easily plan and book your flights. The platform offers an intuitive interface that lets you schedule your flights and manage your bookings. You can also invite other users to join your flight and manage their bookings as well. 

Maintenance Planning

Keeping your aircraft in top condition is essential for safe and successful flights. With Aviatize Pilot, you can schedule and track your maintenance tasks. You can set up alerts for when maintenance is due, monitor your aircraft’s performance, and identify potential issues. This way, you can ensure your aircraft is always in top condition, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime and costly repairs.


Aviation regulations are complex and ever-changing. With Aviatize Pilot, you can ensure compliance with regulations. Aviatize helps you to stay compliant. You can also store and manage all your compliance documents in one place, making it easy to access them when needed.

Cost Control

Staying within your budget is essential for successful aircraft management. With Aviatize Pilot, you can control your costs and expenses. The platform lets you monitor and analyze your aviation expenses in real-time. You can track your fuel usage, maintenance costs, and other expenses to ensure you’re staying within your budget. So you can make informed decisions and adjust your operations as necessary.

Flight Tracking

When using the Aviatize Companion app during your flight, the Aviatize Companion app can track your flight. When you check out, Aviatize Companion and the Aviatize platform will automatically sync so you can replay your flight path. This can be especially useful for people who share an aircraft and social sharing.